Why Tennessee Titans players disrespected by Madden 20

In the video game and NFL world, Madden NFL 20 was released and some of the Tennessee Titans players are quite disrespected by this game. There have been mixed reviews among the fans and the players of this video game. When it is Tennessee Titans football time, the team is very serious about their ratings and rankings.

The Tennessee Titans were shocked by the ratings that they received in this game. The ratings were very low in this game and some of the players let that be known to everyone. The Titans have been underdogs for many seasons, so they are aware of their ratings, however, in the game, they are rated extremely low.

This season, the Titans are ready to prove that they are not the rated team on Madden 20 but much better than the credit they are given. One of the players who feel very disrespected by the game is Taylor Lewan. A Pro Bowler, Lewan got a rating on the game of 81. He has been very vocal about his rating online and has been using social media platforms to express his feelings.

Another player who feels disrespected is star safety Kevin Byard. He also was disrespected with the rating on Madden 20. He does not play the game, but he was overall rated 81. His awareness was 89, speed was 75, acceleration was 85, agility was 74, and his strength 91.

EA Sports has been quite nice and changed some of the ratings in the past. There are other Titans that received other ratings on the game. Tight End Delanie Walker was rated 92 overall. Running back Dion Lewis got an 84 rating overall. Jayon Brown is also not pleased about the overall rating. Apparently, the rookies receive 75 on Madden and 85 is not much better. Hopefully, the Titans and Madden can get the ratings worked out and all will be well.

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