Where Can I Watch NFL Highlights of Today’s Game?

On game day Sunday in the NFL when there isn’t a bye-week, 32 professional teams are on the field, battling it out during full slate of 16 games. It’s a lot to take in, to say the least, so, if you’re not able to watch them all, don’t worry. You can stay on top of the event’s of the day by watching highlights and to assist you in finding the best places, check out this list of 8 places of where you can watch NFL highlights of today’s game.

Watch NFL RoarTube Highlights

National Football League

The league airs all kinds of video clips of its teams, games, and individual athletes through many, many channels on broadcast television (CBS, NBC, ABC) and cable television (Fox Sport, FS1, or Pac12). Plus, it has its own network that airs only NFL related stories 24-7.

NFL Highlights Today

Most broadcast and cable networks typically have a daily highlight show centered around the NFL. For example, Fox Sports calls its show, Fox NFL Kick-Off.

NFL Highlights on

Being that the National Football League is an all-encompassing corporate business with a brand that is too big for just one medium, it also has its own website that works in harmony with its game broadcasts and networks. On, there are video clips of top plays to watch, more stories about teams and athletes, game analysis, and much, much more.

NFL Highlights on YouTube

Through the years, YouTube has become an increasingly popular spot to see clips of top football plays. Some of the videos are shared by people who use the platform, like from fans, while other videos are shared, again, by the NFL, the NFL’s teams, and people who play on the teams.

NFL Highlights on RoarTube

This is a site that offers football highlights from past seasons, namely the 2018-2019 year ending with the playoffs and Super Bowl that was won by the Tom Brady led Patriots from New England. RoarTube makes it a breeze to find the clip, a highlight or even a full game,  that you want to see and when you do, you have the option to search within the clip itself to find specific plays at specific times if you want.

NFL Highlights on Big Ten Network

You read that correctly, the Big Ten Network will showcase NFL gameplay highlights every once and awhile, provided that they relate to former college players who are doing well on the big stage. It’s a cable station that can be dialed in on most cable providers.

NFL Videos & Highlights on Sky Sports

This is a cable channel that is a division of Comcast that is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Not only does it show the top plays from the NFL, but it also airs those from other sports like soccer and cricket.

NFL Replays, Video Highlights on WatchESPN

If you’re looking to stream NFL vids on your phone or tablet, then the WatchESPN app is the way that you’re going to want to go. It just needs to be downloaded onto your smart device and then in minutes, you can see the NFL athletes running across your screen right before your eyes.

With this list, you’ll be ready to watch some awesome football highlights come to the end of the game day each and every week. So, make sure to bookmark this page so you don’t miss out on seeing any highlights.

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